Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello readers!

Are you out there?

After some trial and error with other blogs, I'm sticking with blogger for now, just under a new name. If you've followed me here from Cathy's Sweet Shop, thank you for making the trip. I've got some good things planned for the new blog, so stay tuned.

This stationery set (pictured above) is back in my shop just in time for Valentine's Day. It'd make a great gift for a friend. Or a gift to yourself that you use to write love notes to that special someone. The gift that keeps on giving!

And stickers are back too in a new format.

I've seen a lot of round stickers on etsy and have wanted to try printing some of my own up for a while. Beats cutting each one out by hand, or running paper through my Xyron. I'm not sure where other sellers have gotten their sticker paper from, but I found these at my local Staples. Not exactly what I was looking for, but they'll do for the moment. I've got more sets that I'll be adding to the shop in the next little while. Keep checking back.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend and Happy Chinese New Year (Monday)!


  1. I love your work, and why I am posting a comment in the far first post of yours? First I was invited to art exchange by Julie and then I came to your blog and I fell in love for it. I am a huge cats lover and I am loving each piece you make and each words you write.
    Greetings from Portugal,