Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A lot of Rest for the Weary

I wholeheartedly admit to being a little unmotivated to do anything but nap for the past week. My cold got the better of me for a few days and then I was dealing with some personal issues other health concerns for another few, so really, I didn't get much done. I've had a few new items ready for some time to list in the shop but they have yet to make an appearance. Hopefully they will be up by the end of the day.

ashley aka paranormalkitten

On the plus side of things, I added another photo to my Happy Customers Flickr Group. It's currently sitting at 8 members and 5 photos, but I hope to increase those numbers in the next few months by having some giveaways. Stay tuned to the blog for more info.

And I sold my first item on dawanda last week! I joined several months ago, just to see what it was like and hadn't gotten around to updating it for a while, so the sale was a nice surprise.

image taken from Making it Lovely

In other news, one of my favourite blogs and bloggers is in need of some help. If you haven't come across Making it Lovely before, I highly recommend having a peek. Nicole and her hubby participated in a little home reno challenge and need your votes every day before June 12. I'm rooting for them to win, I guess because I have a soft spot for pink and also because they just had a baby girl. Yay for hardworking creative mamas (and papas)!

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  1. Hope you're all better soon! I'll have to send you a "happy customer" photo, too. Maybe one of my tuxedo boy with the beautiful watercolor painting of Suki!