Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back to Business...

... mostly. My shop is open again and I will be adding some new things to it...
very gradually.

The tee above is now available here. I've only been staring at it when I'm at my computer for the past three months or so, but simply didn't get around to listing it until the other day.

That seems to be the case around here a lot lately, but I have to remind myself that being a mom is a full-time job in itself. Plus, how can I resist spending time with this cutie?

(If only she were this calm all the time)
Ciao for now.

edit: I forgot to say thank you for all the sweet comments left on my previous post re: our new addition. Whitney says thank you, too :)


  1. Your little one is so cute... :) I can see how she would be stealing away your attention right now! On a different note - I was browsing Young blood Gallery here in Atlanta and saw your work! It was really exciting to recognize! Congrats on being in such a cool boutique.

  2. Thanks so much, San. Congrats to you for taking the plunge into the world of freelancing too! I wish you much success!
    And that's so cool you saw my work at Young Blood. They seem like a really cool venue.

  3. Thanks - and it really is! I hope to have stuff in there some day :)

  4. Welcome back! Just take it one listing at a time. :) Love the new pic of Whitney--she IS a cutie!!