Saturday, September 11, 2010

We're Moving!

I'm so excited!

We got the house we put an offer on a few weeks ago and will be moving in t minus 3 weeks. Now we just have to
pack, pack and then pack. And tend to all the business that is involved with moving. Yuck!

Our place right now is such a mess and I'm feeling a little jumbled as well, so I like to look at the photos of our new place to calm myself. That's a peek of our new kitchen above.

Isn't it adorable?

Although I had dreamed of an all white modern kitchen, this one has such charm to it, that we couldn't help but feel at home in it. And that was our take on the whole house, really. After months of house hunting, this was the first one that we could picture ourselves and Whitney growing up in.

A few more photos...

Funny enough, we didn't see any photos of it beforehand - the seller's real estate agent was a bit lazy, I'm told - so we weren't expecting much when we went for the viewing. But it certainly worked in our favour, because we did not have to contend with other offers - phew! - and have a bidding war.

I am forever indebted to my parents who again helped us get this house... we would be renting for many more years in Toronto, if not for them. Their only worry - and ours somewhat - is that the house will be a money pit, as it is most likely a century old - but fingers crossed that it isn't. The previous owner supposedly got a better job offer - though in Montreal - so I think that's a good sign of house luck.

Anyways, I am eager to decorate. While we are pretty happy with most of the paint colours, the bedrooms require a more personal touch. Whitney's room awaits!

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