Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dress-up Day - Pocket Dresses

Yesterday was my dress-up day. As you can see, I use that term pretty loosely. I threw on a dress/tunic over some leggings, added some legwarmers, a hairband and a pair of earrings and called it dressing up. I started the day with my hair down (yes, I am badly in need of a haircut, but am trying to grow it out again), then pulled it into a tiny ponytail/bun in the afternoon.

(taken with Photo Booth)

The dress was actually one of the go-to items I wore when I was pregnant. I think I bought it when I was about 3 or 4 months pregnant, when I was just starting to show. But as the dress is quite stretchy, I thought it would fare quite well throughout the rest of my pregnancy. And it did. Plus who doesn't love a cute dress with pockets?

Outfit details
dress - Suzy Shier
leggings and legwarmers - American Apparel
earrings - Electric Lollipop

Speaking of dresses with pockets, in my search for some new clothes, I happily rediscovered an old etsy favourite. I will definitely be adding at least one of these dresses to my wardrobe before Spring arrives.
They will make for some more easy dress-up days.

a stylish dress/top
perfect for nursing (as I'm still nursing Whitney)

Now I just need to work on taking some better photographs and possibly putting on some makeup.