Friday, June 29, 2012

Home Office Peek

My home office has gone through many rearrangements in the past year and a half. I'd been meaning to share the latest one since the addition of a much prettier window treatment earlier this month, but June has been packed with a flurry of activity, that I'm only getting around to it now.

The curtain panels are from etsy seller Exclusive Elements.  I'd been coveting yellow chevron ones for a while and hers were on sale, so I finally ordered them.  I think I sort of messed up with the measuring as they barely cover the width of the window, but they are 100 times better than the curtains we had before (pictured below), which were left by the previous homeowners. 

the terribly blurry photo does not help its case

my little helper
It's a little difficult to get good photos of my workspace during the day as the window does not allow a ton of natural light in, but I like how it looks as the sun is going down. 

And as the sun sets this Friday evening, I'll wish all my Canadian readers a Happy Canada Day Long Weekend! Be back soon with more sneak peeks of our ever changing home... next up, Whitney's big girl room!

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