Sunday, January 20, 2013


shelves, finally!
We're nearly 3 weeks into the new year and I'm just now getting into the swing of things.  The last month of 2012 kind of kicked my butt and I'm sort of feeling the same way at the moment about the first month of 2013.  But I've been slowly organizing spaces around our house.  Yesterday, I put up shelves in my studio/printing space after contemplating it for only about a year!

And after the holidays, some much needed new storage was needed to house all of Whitney's toys in our living room/play area.  I decided on these babies from Ikea (of course) and my sister was generous enough to gift them to Whitney for her Christmas/birthday present.  Some Lack shelves above work great for additional storage and to display prettier toys.

Speaking of birthdays, we celebrated Whitney's 3rd one last Sunday after a brief week of planning.  I almost decided not to do the party thing this year, but our little girl had been talking about her themes for the past 6 months or more, that I wouldn't have felt right to not have one.  She finally settled on Dora and so Matt and I got to work on decorations, activities, treats and food.  I found this adorable printable party kit which wasn't too gaudy and planned the party colours around that.

Here are some snaps from before and during the party.

The main room - night before
Main Food Table - night before
Treasure Hunt
Cool kids
We had a brunch menu with waffles and quiche as the mains.  The waffles were a hit and we've been using our new waffle maker almost daily. 

The Birthday Girl, pre-party
That's all for now.  Be back soon with more sneak peeks of our home.

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