Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Tee in the Shop!

Seriously, these days, listing a new tee in the shop seems like a milestone for me. I had thought my energy would return once I was past the first trimester, but I still feel exhausted from time to time. Mind you, we did go away this past weekend to visit Matt's parents in New Brunswick and sometimes you need a vacation after your vacation, you know? I'll post some photos soon and write more about our trip, but Matt was the photographer so I need to get the photos from him.

Today is a milestone for us though... it's our 2nd anniversary as a wedded couple. We're going to celebrate tomorrow night since my dear hubby has to work late tonight. Dinner at The Keg, most likely followed by a movie. My ideal, though somewhat typical date.

I'll leave you with a sweet photo of one of my youngest "fans", sent to me by his lovely mom. The shirt was a birthday present for him and I think he looks adorable in it!

Happy Thursday to you!

edit: I forgot to say thank you for all the congratulation wishes from the last post! Thank you!

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  1. Happy Anniversary Cathy ! I hope you and your hubby have a lovely evening tomorrow . :-) x x