Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's a...



--- what we're having.

We went for the latest ultrasound yesterday, where the sex of our baby could have been determined. But the technician said at the beginning that she wouldn't be allowed to tell me if it was a boy or girl. That's the doctor's responsibility. So Matt and I are trying to be patient with it...
My next doctor's appointment isn't until September 9th, but I can call my doctor and get the news in a week. I will probably call him before the end of this week though :)

We will be happy either way, but we both have a feeling it's a girl. And of course the most important thing is that he/she is healthy. And from the ultrasound, baby seemed to be doing well. He/she is growing bigger everyday (along with my belly) with a good heartbeat, so we're pleased.

I also found out what caused my erroneous blood test results last month... someone messed up and entered the wrong estimated due date, which totally affected my numbers. And luckily someone noticed the error. It was good to get to the bottom of things, considering all the stress it put us through.

Okay, these are a little late, but I have a hard time taking decent photos of myself. At least ones that I feel okay sharing with others.


My haircut couldn't have been timed better though. The past week has been so hot and humid, I'm glad I don't have hair flowing down my back right now. Plus I was badly in need of a cut, I had so many split ends. Although I'm not a Katie Holmes fan at all, I do like her hair right now. And I thought a short bob would be more manageable as I transition into motherhood. That's what the cut was based on, but of course it never looks exactly like the photo you bring in, at least for me.

I also went on a little shopping spree last week, spending some birthday money from my sister. I had planned on getting stuff for my home office from Ikea (of course) but ended up buying some much needed maternity clothes instead.

I adore this tunic from Suzy Shier that I think will serve me well into the Fall/Winter season over a pair of leggings.

New sandals were on my list of things to get too but I didn't see any that I liked at the Mall, so I decided to save that purchase for another day. Go figure that as I was walking to meet Matt after work for one of his coworker's going away party, my one sandal decides to come apart. I still had several blocks to go so prayed that there was shoe store around. Luckily there was one just down the street and I limped my way over, then rather hastily bought a pair of sneakers AND a pricey pair of sandals.

Love the red sneakers despite the one giving my right heel a beating on the walk home, but I will be returning the sandals as I don't really like the way they fit my feet.

I'll round out this post with a photo of some less recent purchases: these sweet miniature renditions of Suki and Dex in paperclay by one talented artist and devoted animal lover/activist. They have the purrfect place on my desk atop this darling miniature chair that I found at Value Village many months ago and share it with two ceramic lucky kitties from my mom.

And new things are coming to the shop soon. Really! Ciao for now.


  1. Any news from the dr. yet???

    I loooove your new haircut--it suits you really well. So flattering! And that tunic top is very cute, too. I'm about to hit the maternity clothing shop myself, tomorrow. Suddenly, nothing fits!

  2. it's funny but I got the exact same haircut (my hairdresser even said, you want it like Katie Holmes? after I described what I was going for) when I was pregnant with chubbette 2 years ago (eeep! has it been that long!?!) You look adorable.

    xo Angela pillowhead