Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Seven Months Old

I swear, this blog and my life is all about Whitney these days!
She is 7 months old today...

and is certainly a far cry from the skinny babe we brought home with us back in January.

Finally, some after photos of her room, though not at all "styled", unless you count baby styling, and maybe the last photo.

Since we are hunting for new digs, I figure we can wait to really do up Whitney's room. Plus, it's just a challenge to do much with her on the go now. No wonder most people get the nursery ready before the baby arrives!

We moved the couch into her room simply because there was nowhere else to put it, but quite fittingly, the fabric is called "Whitney", so what better place for it to go? A friend jokingly said we can tell her that we named her after the couch when she's older.

I will share more about the things in the nursery soon. Whitney is waking from her morning nap, so I must go.

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