Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sneak Peek

Our shared bedroom went through a few different configurations in the last couple of months. This was the most recent before we moved Whitney into her own room, which was basically our former shared space.

Whitney's side

Our side

Not the greatest photos, as we don't get a lot of natural light on the lower level of our loft, but then "before" shots are usually not as nice as the "after" ones.

I haven't managed to put the finishing touches in Whitney's room - artwork still needs to be hung, hooks moved and some decor is on its way in the mail - or our room either, so the after pictures are still coming.

But here's a peek at part of Whitney's room and what's keeping me busy these days.

Our little girl has started to crawl! We are proud parents, but it means we have to babyproof our place pronto.

Back with some more pictures hopefully by the weekend.