Friday, March 11, 2011

Dress-up Day - Pink and Black (again)

You'll notice that I wear the same colour combo a lot.

Like I said, one of my favourite pairings is pink and black.

This week I actually dressed up twice, though counting the second time is quite laughable as my tunic is a few sizes too big and water-stained in these photos. I was too lazy (or tired) to photograph my first dress-up outfit, but am happy that I had the perfect reason to dress up: brunch with friends.

I did manage to snap some of Whitney that day.

It was her second or third time out at a restaurant and she was quite at home and well behaved there, despite her lack of proper seating and in spite of some not so great sleep the past week or so.
(Hence, my tiredness/laziness)

Hopefully I can catch up on some sleep this weekend, even though we move the clocks ahead on Sunday.

Have a great one!

edit: I forgot to post the outfit details before.

Outfit details
pink jumper tunic - Alternative Apparel with print by Oddbird Designs
leggings and long sleeve tee - American Apparel

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  1. Oh my gosh, Cathy--what a big girl you have! She is gorgeous and cuter than any button I've ever seen. :) Love those photos.