Thursday, April 5, 2012

Duplo & Doubles

Ever since my sister gifted Whitney with 2 sets of Duplo, it has not only become part of her daily vocabulary, but also part of the daily routine for Whit.  Her day is not complete if she has not built a house or tower.  A lot of the time on her own, but usually there is a request that mommy or daddy play with her.  

On another note, the other day, while Whitney and her daddy were doing a google search for pictures of her Auntie Audrey, they found this beautiful painting (below, left).  It's entitled Audrey with Teddy Bear by an artist named Xi Pan.  I couldn't help but gasp when they showed me the image, as it bears a striking resemblance to Whitney.  That bear she's holding could be her beloved pink kitty cat.  Matt calls it the painting of Whit, but of course it's not her since it was done even before she was born.  There are a handful of other paintings with children by the artist, but mostly she paints women, either nude or clothed.  I recommend checking out her work.

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  1. When I first saw this on fb, I thought it was a painting of Whitney, by you. It really is amazing. The eyes are so expressive and you do the best eyes, too. The first time I saw Maggie's picture in color, the eyes popped and I cried, they were so beautiful. You should do a pic. similar of Whitney for one of your books.