Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two Weeks

So much for posting sooner than later.
Here are some photos highlighting some things from the past 2 weeks.
Our little 3 year old is on the verge of outgrowing her naps most days, though I wish it weren't so.
She is too busy playing most of the time.  And while she has gotten better at playing independently,  there is still the insistence that either me/daddy play with her a lot of the time, which can make for a long day.

Luckily, a very sweet neighbour on our street has offered Whitney a playmate just her age (and me some down time) when needed, which is about once or twice a week.  And she herself has a 4 month old to take care of too.  I am so grateful to her!
Reading buddies
Whitney has also recently gotten really good at figure drawing.  Of course, I may be biased but I think she's pretty good for her age.

A budding artist
Watercolour painting
I squeezed in work when I could. 
Fab Europe Tees all packed up.
Totes and card sets.
I'm really happy with the way my Fab Europe sale went but it's always a little more work and stress than you expect.  At this moment, I am waiting on UPS to pick up my packages.  They were supposed to be here by 1 pm and it is now 4:45 pm.  Supposedly, they will be here for sure by 6 pm.  We'll see.

I'm ready for a nap :)

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