Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Girls

Baby Blythe
Whitney & friend playing "at the beach"
"B" & Whit

These two girls have been keeping me busy for the past few months.  Our second daughter, Blythe Clementine Bennett, arrived about 10 days early on April 24 and she very nearly popped out at home.  My plan to skip the epidural with Whitney (I couldn't hack it after 3 hours) went into full effect with Blythe as I was fully dilated by the time we got to the hospital and delivered within 45 minutes of arriving!

Big sister has had a big transition to deal with and the first month was pretty tough on her, as it was for all of us.  But I can see that she has a lot of love for her little sister and I so look forward to the time when they can interact with each other more.

 Happy Sunday to you!

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