Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Could Use a Catnap!

Well so much for a quiet and productive weekend at home. I blogged too soon. We took Suki in to the emergency vet clinic this morning because I was concerned that she had another bladder infection. She'd been going pretty frequently last night, taking 3-4 minutes each time to go and not producing much pee. Then this morning, she went 8 times in the span of an hour and a half. Plus, she'd lick herself in her "you know where", afterwards. So as much as I wanted to avoid another emergency clinic visit, I also wanted to be sure that my little monkey was alright.

The doctor didn't seem to think it was too serious. Still, we opted to have her urine tested and will find out in a few days what's what. All the while we were out, I just knew Dex was probably wreaking havoc because he was home alone. He likes to knock things down from my bookshelf, specifically my stuffed toys, the little bugger.

But we're all pretty sleepy now. Especially after the grilled cheese, ham and turkey sandwich I made as an afternoon snack. Matt's off doing some camera tests, but I think I may just lie down for a bit.


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