Saturday, February 28, 2009

Recent Purchases & Things That I'm Loving

I am loving these:

and these:
which I got from this lovely shop.

And I'm loving this:


and this:


I know, I know.
I'm such a bad kitty mom, putting things on my kitties when they obviously don't appreciate it. But this is just payback for all those times that I've been woken up in the middle of the night or way too early in the morning by Dex meowing his head off, which then gets Suki rattled and they proceed to chase each other up and down the stairs...

You see? It's payback :)

Plus, I just thought they would look so much cuter modeled on the cats!

They are really for me, of course. I spoil the cats enough as it is, so from time to time I'll treat myself.

image from modern cat

And speaking of spoiling the cats, a recent customer mentioned this awesome site through which she found me. I'm flattered to be linked to such a great site devoted to "cat owners with a modern style."

Check out this image from a former blog post:

Now Matt is wanting to build something like that for the cats in our place. I told him, maybe we should think about treating ourselves to some new furniture/decorating before we go splurging on the cats.

I wasn't kidding when I said in one of my previous posts that I've been obsessed with decorating ideas lately. While Matt has been devoting much of his spare time this past week to building a new camera rig, I've been brainstorming on how to make the most of our living space.

sheer style

So I was thrilled to come across this book at a new bookstore in our hood yesterday. Lots of gorgeous photos to give me ideas of how to decorate and reconfigure our loft space. Open concept living can be tough when you have (a lot of) stuff that starts to

s p r e a d



the place!

Must be Spring fever. That, and I tend to like to rearrange furniture every 3-6 months or so. I always have.

I'll be back in a few days with photos of my work space and more.


  1. Love those funky glasses! They look great on the kitties, but I'm sure you make a fab model, too. :)

    The pix of the house for cats are quite entertaining. Our cats seem to find all kinds of things to jump and climb on, even without ramps intended specifically for them. (Yes, there is cat hair on top of the kitchen cabinets.)

  2. I love the glasses!! those cats are soo good. my cat would be hatefull!