Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Night Hello

Before the new week begins, I wanted to post some more photos and thoughts from this past week.

On Monday, I had a marvelous excuse to go back to Ikea - Matt was at home recording audio pretty much all day for a short film he's working on, so rather than tiptoe around our place, I opted to go out. After an unsuccessful trip to the aforementioned eq3 (wait time for a sofa-bed was 6-12 weeks, so it was pointless to order something that wouldn't necessarily be here by the time my mom is) last week, we finally decided on this one from Ikea. But when I got to the store and saw how teeny tiny it was - they had a sign on it recommending it for kids - I had to make an executive decision. I almost went with the original one I had wanted, the karlstad - it just looks so sleek! and even though it's way too big for our space, I thought I could make it work somehow - but when I found out that the Ektorp came in white, that was the winner!

That's a photo of it above. Not in its best state, but the white sheet is a definite necessity since the cats have already claimed it as their own. Hopefully my mom will like it as much as they do. We opened it up and tested it out briefly the other night and find it quite comfy. The only thing is that the back cushions are pretty puffy, so when you sit on it, it'd be nice to have an ottoman/coffee table to rest your feet on. That'll be something for the future!

I also picked up some awesome new stuff for my home office.

I had been coveting Ikea's helmer drawers for a long time! They are such a visual improvement on those plastic see-through drawers I'd been using for years. While the drawers are not the smoothest moving, they work and at least hide the stuff inside them. Not that the insides are messy at all :)

And my huge-ass printer (in the top left corner of the photo above) now actually fits entirely on its new surface.

You may also notice in the photo above that my office setup has changed again. And my desk looks a tad different than before. In fact, it looks a lot like the dining table that we purchased several weeks back and painted. And in fact, it is said dining table.

After all the trouble we went to - painting, breathing in noxious fumes, sanding and cleaning up - we discovered that there's not really enough room for it upstairs, at least where I had initially thought it would work as a dining table. And honestly, we don't entertain that much, so I claimed it as a new desk and moved the old one downstairs to be used as my new printing table. Score! Yeah, I'm a lucky girl!

Another find from Ikea:

I plan on painting the frame white, so you could call this a before shot.

And something I picked up from Winners a few weeks ago. It's a metal sign.

This is also slated to get a white wash, since I think it would look fabulous hanging against our dark grey wall. It would be a little daily reminder for me, and Matt.

Anyways, I have a busy week ahead, so don't know if I'll get around to blogging again until next week. Have a good one!


  1. You found a sofa bed... yay! Not a bad price, either. My black cat would have that thing coated in fur within a few hours, so good thinking putting a sheet over it.

    Isn't it therapeutic moving stuff around in your house? I always love doing it just to give the space a new feel. :)

  2. I love that you buy things and change them to suit your home. I always feel such a an ache for owning my own place when I read your blog! :-)