Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekends are for Relaxing?

Normally I would take it easier on the weekends. But these days it seems that weekends are when we are busiest.

Look how busy we were here, a few weekends ago (those are the hideous beasts I mentioned in a previous post):

It was nice out yesterday, so Matt convinced me to bike to all our destinations. (He will avoid taking public transit as much as possible if he can) I agreed as long as we could go sleeper sofa shopping. Ha Ha! The last time I rode my bike though was more than 3 months ago, so by the day's end, my legs were mighty tired.

The shopping trip was kind of a bust, as we found out that in order to get a remotely nice looking sofa-bed at the places we went to, you'd need to shell out at least $2000. But when we got home, I did some more online research and discovered that this place just may have what we are looking for, for the price we want too. We'll be going there soon.

Today we tackled a paint job. At least, partly.

The table still needs another coat of paint. Hopefully not more, because it reeks and those smells are not good for the kitties or us. Matt gets to do the final coat as I will be out tomorrow.

I finally updated my site today too, though only the home page and some links. News will be updated soon. And if all goes well, expect a big shop update later this week. I've got some new things in the works, so it will depend how successful I am with them.

Wish me luck!

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  1. That video is awesome. Really goes to show how one day of hard work can be so exhausting.

    I love your website by the way... it's so easy to navigate and matches your artwork perfectly!