Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Big Reveal

Life has been pretty hectic these past several weeks, as my due date nears...
• Baby and home furniture shopping
• a trip to the ER for my dear hubby
• maintaining my shop
• and working at my part-time job
So blogging was not exactly a priority. And I'm sure it will be put on the back burner once our little one arrives too.

But I'm happy to finally share the results of last month's hard labour and home reno project.

There are still some finishing touches that the shoji doors require to make them easier to open and close, but for the most part they are done and function fine.

Of course, some repairs are needed as well...

c/o our bad kitty, Suki.

And we need to start training the cats to stay out of the bedroom, as well as preparing them for the arrival of their little sister. That will be a task and a half. We are hoping for the best!

More pics to come in the next few weeks of our revamped home. Ciao for now.


  1. Just think of the little kitty holes as "vents." You know, for air circulation.

    They look really great!! :-D

  2. Oh yes, cats love to add finishing touches. :)

  3. Love the doors! They are really beautiful. What happened to your husband to send him to the ER? Chen had to go one time for heart palpitations, and I ended up passing out and being admitted. Long story. And kinda