Monday, November 16, 2009

A Sweet Holiday Giveaway

new pocket calendar (coming to the shop soon)

Okay, it's giveaway time again! Normally I announce them on the 15th of the month, but this past weekend just got away from me and I was not feeling energetic enough to do much else than veg after two full days of being out baby shopping and more.

Without further ado though, here are the details:

Since I will be closing shop for maternity leave, starting Dec. 16 (perhaps sooner), this month's giveaway will actually be for November AND December. And there will be 3 separate prize packs to be won.

With the Holidays around the corner, each prize pack features an assortment of goodies that are purrfect for giving away or if you're feeling more Scrooge-like, simply keeping for yourself.

Prize Pack #1

• Sukibaby Holiday Pack of 3 Cards
• Christmas Kitty Magnet Set
• 1 Set of Holiday Gift Tags
• A 2010 Pocket-size Calendar (choose 1 from 12 designs; only 1 not pictured is pirate kitty)
• Gift Certificate worth $25

Prize Pack #2
• Creme Owl & Pussycat Limited Edition Scarf
A 2010 Pocket-size Calendar (choose 1 from 12 designs)

Prize Pack #3
• Aqua Clever Kitty Boy Brief Undies
• A 2010 Pocket-size Calendar (choose 1 from 12 designs)

Ways to enter (this time):
Leave a comment sharing your favourite Christmas/Holiday memory or gift received/given.

• Any purchases made in my shop from November 1st - Dec 6th will also get your name entered in the draw.

• All my Happy Customers and current blog followers are automatically entered every month.

Winner will be chosen at random, using the random number generator and I will announce it on my blog on December 7th!

To keep things fair, winners will be given 1 week to reply to my notification email. So please be sure to include an active email account in your comment/link or give me some way of reaching you. Otherwise, new winners will be chosen.

Thanks in advance for playing along. Happy Monday!


  1. Hi Cathy--

    First of all, THANK YOU for the lovely handmade ATC I just got in the mail as part of the Art Exchange. It's so delicate and cute!

    I came to your blog because I wanted to thank you and find this incredibly generous Holiday giveaway! My favorite holiday memory is from a couple of years ago, when my brother and his family came to spend Christmas with us in New York. It was magical, being there and most importantly being together. :-)

    Thank you again, Cathy, and all the best to you and your family!

  2. My best memory would have to be our car breaking down on the way to christmas dinner and me singing christmas carols continually and therefore driving everyone insane :)

  3. oh my gosh all these prize packs are so cute! I love the gift tags in the first prize pack!!!

    My fave xmas memory was going to the carols at night with my family. It was just beautiful - the night, the candles, the singing, and the people. We were all there for the same reason.

  4. I love the calendars ... brilliant idea.

    A gift that I am always glad that I gave was actually a Good Kitty bag by cathypeng! I had worked a very late night with little sleep and was heading home from the Sheraton Centre. I stopped at your sale in Lesleyville and bought the Good Kitty bag for my Mom for Christmas. My Mom loved that bag, used it extensively and it was by her side during her last days in the hospital. A bittersweet memory.


  5. Wowww,the first priz pack is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
    Have a nice time

  6. My fondest holiday memories are with my granparents. We have a traditional Italian family. We would eat fish and drink wine! I miss it all so much!

  7. so cute cathy! Love your art!

    my fondest christmas memories was eating roast with my parents and grandma in the backyard under the stars. we were all giddy with food and wine!


  8. My favorite gift that I have ever recieved is a diamond ring that was my great-grandmother Frieda, I am her namesake as Fieda is my middle name.

  9. My favorite Christmas gifts are the ones that come unwrapped, because only the people who know me best know that I would rather them not waste the paper, and it's those people who send the biggest bundles of love along with their gifts to me.