Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yes, Please & Thank You!

Yesterday I had a STELLAR day on etsy, thanks to getting this on the front page and some really great customers. It was my best in a long while and yes, please, I'll have some more. Thank you :)

I love this site that I somehow happened upon last week, via twitter I think. A great way to keep up with your etsy stats and it's an attractive and well-designed site too.

Anyways, just wanted to briefly toot my own horn...

After all, it's the small things and moments in life that keep me happy.

Be back in a few days with this month's giveaway.


  1. Congrats, it's always nice when that happens! I've got my eye one one of those scarves for myself, in fact...

  2. Awesome! Hey, I'm do you find out who's been featured on the front page? I couldn't find any link on etsy to "The Vault" or any front page stats.

  3. Congrats! I'm hooked on your tees ! Now Aoi needs a kitty shirt! She loves clothes too!

  4. Congrats on your awesome etsy day!!! That is so awesome to hear! Hope you have lots more days just like that one!