Friday, May 6, 2011

It's Raining Cuteness

With such a rainy Spring this year, I was determined to find Whitney some cute but affordable rain gear...

and I think I found it.

She already had the hat, a gift from one of her Aunties. And after scouring the web for a raincoat, I found this steal of a deal. The shipping was more than the coat, which almost stopped me from getting it. But I decided it was too cute and cheap to pass up.

We picked up the rain boots from Zellers, which not only coordinate perfectly with Whitney's new coat but were under $10. Sweet!

We've been taking advantage of the warmer weather and our backyard almost on a daily basis, even letting the kitties experience the outside. But we'll most likely keep them inside, at least Dex, who managed to get out of his harness on more than one occasion, until or unless we set up a cat run for them.

Our yard and garden needs some major work and Matt and I have a lot of learning to do in that area. Although I'm not a very outdoorsy person, I have to admit it's so nice to have a backyard that we can go into anytime.

And it's especially great for Whitney.

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