Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time for a New Giveaway!

It's that time again...
Giveaway time!

This month's draw prize features my Hi Kitty Stationery Set and four blank greeting cards, purrfect for sending to loved ones or simply to frame as an art piece. Total value is $25.75 US.

To enter:
All you need to do is visit the paper goods section in my shop and come back here to let me know which item is your favourite. And to keep things fair, I should mention that you can't win twice in a row.

You have until July 31 to enter and again, any purchases made at my shop from now until the end of the month will also get your name entered into the draw. Winner will be announced on August 1.

Happy Giveaway!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Snapshots

The summer is whizzing by as usual.

Here are some snapshots from our recent trip to New Brunswick. In honour of Matt's dad's (and his twin's) 70th birthday (this past April), his parents organized a summer costume party, since the weather is generally better in July. Go figure that the weekend we went it was foggy and rainy almost everyday we were there. We had maybe an hour or two of sun on the night of the party, but the rest of the night nearly 100 people had to cram themselves into the Garden Gate B & B.

Matt and I decided to go as John (Lennon) & Yoko (Ono) on their wedding day...

Matt Before

I'm Almost Ready

Matt as Rock Star

Me in the Backyard

Us as John & Yoko

I think Matt was a more convincing Lennon. I should have donned some big dark sunglasses, but then my face isn't as angular as Yoko's, so I don't know if they would have helped anyways. Our costumes worked better together than separately.

Matt's Dad & Uncle went as Hosers (Bob & Doug)

My parents (who aren't really into costumes) dressed up in some traditional Asian fashions

Matt & his sister Sara

(a blurry photo of) Sara & her hubby as Trekkies

I couldn't find a decent photo of Matt's mom, but she was a party girl all in pink. And unfortunately Matt's other sister, Suzy, couldn't make it but she and her boyfriend sent warm wishes via email, so she was there in spirit.

All in all, a fun trip, but I was happy to head home by the end of it.

I'll be back tomorrow with a new giveaway! Stay tuned :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Tee in the Shop!

Seriously, these days, listing a new tee in the shop seems like a milestone for me. I had thought my energy would return once I was past the first trimester, but I still feel exhausted from time to time. Mind you, we did go away this past weekend to visit Matt's parents in New Brunswick and sometimes you need a vacation after your vacation, you know? I'll post some photos soon and write more about our trip, but Matt was the photographer so I need to get the photos from him.

Today is a milestone for us though... it's our 2nd anniversary as a wedded couple. We're going to celebrate tomorrow night since my dear hubby has to work late tonight. Dinner at The Keg, most likely followed by a movie. My ideal, though somewhat typical date.

I'll leave you with a sweet photo of one of my youngest "fans", sent to me by his lovely mom. The shirt was a birthday present for him and I think he looks adorable in it!

Happy Thursday to you!

edit: I forgot to say thank you for all the congratulation wishes from the last post! Thank you!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Winner and Some Big News Revealed!

Happy Canada Day!

In honour of the holiday, the video for the draw is set to the awesome sounds of
Arcade Fire (and if you listen closely you can hear my silly voice in the background at the very end, barely). Thanks to my dear hubby for editing this for me and also for picking the winner. She is a well deserving winner, being one of my very best and favourite customers!

Thank you to all who entered my giveaway! I wish I could give you all something, but at least there will be another one to look forward to later this month.

And the time has finally come for me to share some big news in blogland. If you recall this post, I mentioned that I was starting a new creative "project" but couldn't yet reveal all the details. Well, I'm happy to finally spill the beans... I'm 13 weeks pregnant!

It took a lot of self-control and patience to not share the news with more than a handful of people since I found out back in April. I've gradually been telling more people as the weeks progressed, but we had a few scary moments, so I know why some people choose not to say anything until after the first trimester. It certainly has been a bit of a roller coaster, emotionally and physically these past several months.

When I first found out, I started bawling, I was so happy. We had been trying for a baby since last Fall and weren't sure if it was going to happen for us. I know 6-7 months is nothing compared to a year or two years with nothing happening, but I'm no Spring chicken and especially after years of trying not to get pregnant, I wondered if I still even could.

For the majority of the first trimester, I couldn't believe how tired I'd get, after being up for only a few hours. And that was even after a decent night's sleep. And after not doing anything really, but eating and being on the computer. I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't being totally unproductive during the day - since my body was working to create a little baby - but it did make me feel rather lazy and useless. I was lucky to escape morning sickness for the first 8-1/2 weeks or so, but week 9 came and almost every day for 2 weeks, at some point, it would hit me. It's no fun being nauseous, especially when nothing comes up either. Sorry, was that an overshare?

This past Mother's Day was pretty sweet though, since my mom was visiting and we were able to celebrate the momentous news together. It will be the first grandchild for both Matt's and my parents, so needless to say, they were all pretty pleased when we told them. Or rather, they all probably thought that it was about time :)

I have to say, 9 months of waiting to meet our little one seems like ages, and we're only a third of the way there. But I suppose it gives us time to prepare ourselves to be parents. I think when I was younger (like 10 or 11 years old), I probably imagined myself as a mom. But once the teenage years hit, I'm pretty sure I changed my mind. And something a guy I knew in University said to me has stuck with me for years ... that he couldn't ever imagine me being a mom. Well, I was 18 at the time, so yeah, I definitely wouldn't have wanted to be a mom at that age. I still don't feel like I'm ready, but who ever is, really? If I've learned anything over the years about parenting, it's that you take one day at a time and you do the best that you know how. My parents are just people like anybody else and they did the best they could with raising us. I think I turned out alright :) The same goes for Matt's parents and Matt.

In a way, I view looking after our cats as sort of practice for a human baby. Of course, there are quite a few more responsibilities involved with a little person, but I cherish our cats and treat them like our babies right now. And Dex certainly acts like one, with his (at times) constant meowing. I'm hoping our little one does not cry too much, but then maybe he/she will so much that it will make Dex stop. At any rate, I definitely hope we can all live together under one roof harmoniously. I don't ever want to have to give up our cats because of the baby. My mom, being the cat lover that she isn't, asked me if we were going to keep the cats? Hell's yeah! No matter how much Dex drives me up the wall sometimes, life without either of the cats would not be the same.

Well, there's more I could write about the subject, but I'll leave it at that for now. Time to enjoy the rest of the day! Cheers!