Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slacker in Stripes

I've been slacking a bit with my Dress-up Days pictures and posts. Only one picture this week, and I think it may be the last for a little while. Been in a bit of a funk, what with a lack of sleep and just not much energy to do a whole lot. So I feel like it's better to focus the energy I do have into being a bit more productive with the projects I have on the go, and being the best mom I can be.

On the positive side, I finally dabbled with my watercolours again after many many months. Felt really good to get back into painting. Have been gradually setting up my studio area in the basement as I need a proper place to do some painting/printing. Will share some photos of it when it's looking a bit snazzier. (You can see a bit of Matt's relocated office in the background. Um, can you say goodbye hideous carpet and walls?)

Outfit details
striped shirt - Lamixx
skirt, tank and leggings - American Apparel
socks - Joe Fresh?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What I've Been Working On

New business cards/hang tags!

I recently ran out of business cards and even though I could have easily printed some more up myself, I wanted to design something new that could double as hang tags. After some sketching and tweaking on the computer, this is what I came up with. These are actually printed at home, but the ones I ordered from here should be arriving any day now. Can't wait. I'll have to photograph the back to show you too.

New consignment stock

I'm loving these bamboo tops from Jerico and may stock my etsy shop with some. I also like how pirate kitty looks when printed in green on green - as requested by my consignor - and may give that a try with other designs of mine for new Spring stock.

Speaking of Spring, I'm so looking forward to it and not having to dress Whitney in so many layers when we go out. That being said, I am thankful for living where we live and my heart goes out to all those in Japan.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dress-up Day - Pink and Black (again)

You'll notice that I wear the same colour combo a lot.

Like I said, one of my favourite pairings is pink and black.

This week I actually dressed up twice, though counting the second time is quite laughable as my tunic is a few sizes too big and water-stained in these photos. I was too lazy (or tired) to photograph my first dress-up outfit, but am happy that I had the perfect reason to dress up: brunch with friends.

I did manage to snap some of Whitney that day.

It was her second or third time out at a restaurant and she was quite at home and well behaved there, despite her lack of proper seating and in spite of some not so great sleep the past week or so.
(Hence, my tiredness/laziness)

Hopefully I can catch up on some sleep this weekend, even though we move the clocks ahead on Sunday.

Have a great one!

edit: I forgot to post the outfit details before.

Outfit details
pink jumper tunic - Alternative Apparel with print by Oddbird Designs
leggings and long sleeve tee - American Apparel

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some New Shop Stuff

A few new items are in the shop, with a few more on the way this coming week.

Heather Grey Pirate Kitty V-neck Tee

I also wanted to mention my newest online retailer, Pussies on Parade, as the shop just opened this past month and is purrfect for cat lovers. The current selection of products available is small, but here's to quality over quantity.

I look forward to seeing what else "avid cat fan Joe Dawson" will be adding to the shop.

There is also a print giveaway with details here.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dress-up Day - Pink and Grey (and Brown)

Here I am trying to look all serious like a fashion model (with my argyle socks and messy hair -ha!), on Dress-up Day.

And then this little munchkin comes along, wanting to get in on the photo booth action.

So much for making it as a fashion model. I'll keep my day job :)

Outfit details
grey wrap - Alternative Apparel
pink tank top - The Gap
grey skirt - The Ott Shop
grey leggings - American Apparel
argyle socks - Joe Fresh
pink earrings - vendor from St. Lawrence Market