Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nursery in the Works

Well, last week got away from me, so our bedroom update was put on hold.

bedroom before

And then this past weekend, Whitney was going through "a little existential crisis", as Matt put it, as we think she is now discovering that she is her own person... which can lead to separation anxiety.

That, or she has an ear infection...
or is teething again...
or she's just really hungry and needs to start solids...
or she wants to stay up to practice crawling.

Oh, the joy of solving the mystery of your baby's cries. And the joy of watching your baby growing up!

Speaking of which, rather than rearranging our bedroom, we've decided to move Whitney into her own room, despite her possible separation anxiety. She will be right in the next "room", as there will only be our sliding shoji doors between us, but hopefully this will help us all sleep a little better. I swear, Whitney has the most sensitive ears... Matt shifting in bed will cause her to wake/stir. But then, she is a baby, so her ear drums have not been damaged yet.

Anyways, all this means I will finally get to decorate a nursery for our little girl! I have been seriously obsessing over nurseries the past several weeks, months even, looking up hundreds of inspiration images online.

This has to be one of my favourite nurseries, for its simplicity and colour palette.

You can see more photos here.

And this is another favourite. More photos here.

The big bedroom change is planned for this weekend. Hopefully it goes well and I will have some after photos to share with you next week.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Some of my kitties are on their way to Paris, France as I have a new online retailer there. I'm excited to see the shop once it is up and running. Hopefully one day, I will get to go to Paris too, with Matt and Whitney.

On the home front, we finally took some family photos a few weekends ago at the request of one of Matt's sisters. This was one of the best of the bunch, though Whitney looks like she could be smoking a cigar.

Yes, I am sporting a "mom" cut, though it was meant to be a pixie cut - totally not conducive to my hair texture. It is now in that weird growing out stage and it'll probably be another 10 years or so before I have my hair this short again (it'll take me that long to forget how much I didn't like this haircut). Although Whitney is still very much into grabbing my hair - one of the reasons why I got it chopped off - I will endure the pain for my vanity.

This past weekend Matt and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary, though celebrations began the middle of last week since Matt brought cake home then. Two, actually! No photos though, as we promptly dug into them. You could say we were eating Whitney's share, as she turned 6 months old on Sunday.

Whit in "airplane" mode

Time has definitely flown by and Whitney is growing like a "wee weed", in Matt's words. She is 28 inches and almost 20 pounds!!!

We went to Ikea for the first time since she was born and picked up a soccer ball for our future soccer star - she was a kicking maniac in my belly.

enjoying the World Cup final with daddy

A trip to Ikea, means I've got the home decorating bug again. My latest obsession is with rearranging/perfecting our bedroom. Since we share it with Whitney and she is getting older, I'm trying to divide the room so she has her own space. A little tricky when you're working with a limited amount of it. I will share pictures and more in another post, hopefully later this week, as the room is not yet complete.

So until then. Have a great week!