Monday, May 18, 2009

New Stationery Set Unveiled


The stationery set I was working on last week is now available in my shop. Yes, it's Hi Kitty again. As with most of my kitty designs, they eventually end up on anything and everything that I can make. I had the idea for this churning in my head for a while and finally stopped thinking so much and just did it this past week. I'm quite happy with how it turned out but because there was more work involved than usual - you get 20 handcut stickers - the price is a bit higher than the other stationery sets I currently offer.

Here are some more photos:






Today is a holiday in Canada, the ultimate long weekend for a lot of people (May 2-4). That is, a lot of people not including us.

Yeah, we rock.

We did see the Star Trek movie on Saturday - Matt's treat - and surprisingly I enjoyed it considering I was never a Trekkie. I did watch the older Star Trek series from time to time and I even vaguely recall us owning a toy model of the Starship Enterprise.

It must have been my dad who bought it.

The actor who played James T. Kirk carried the movie really well though, and he's pretty easy on the eyes too. So ladies, if your man is wanting to take you to see this flick, I'd recommend it. :)

Happy Monday!

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